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changed the stabiliser and everythings so much easier to use :D

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sometimes it’s fun to be a god

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full of myself, but still hungry

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New arrangement is posted! This one is of Gold Pilot, composed by First Turn Fold. The beginning of the original was used in [S] Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1, but my arrangement is of the full 5-minute piece.

Oh my word…
I seriously teared-up during this. You have done what I’ve failed to: Arrange Gold Pilot in any cohesive way for solo piano. And it’s absolutely Gorgeous!
Thank you so much, my friend. It’s an honor to be so expertly covered!

Thank you! I just spent several minutes being very excited that you found this and liked it.  Thank you for having written the piece, and for your kind words. I enjoyed arranging and learning it, and it’s very rewarding to read feedback from the composer himself.

If you have any interest, here’s the sheet music for my arrangement.

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The truth is out there.

wake up homestucks

this is suddenly funnier than ever i cannot believe

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hahaha I have an art block….

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here john go match w/ your ectosister

this might turn into another design set i’m a little apprehensive ( ̄◇ ̄;)

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oops hahaa

edit: I don’t expect the bubbles to be readable at all but they say “Prank, Jane, and Swan- (son with a tiny heart)”  It’s not supposed to make much sense either I guess! It was either this, leave empty, or squiggly lines.

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I don’t think I’ve ever drawn something so pink jfc

Here’s the still picture and a WIP because I kinda like it

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disillusionment (noun) :
a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

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Homestuck is ending. The Gigapause will come to an end next month. The final sequence of updates are due. The Rapture is upon us.

Now is the time to get hyped.

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good morning boston it’s going to be a beautiful day in the city today, a fair 70 degrees with a slight wind and a hint of hoMESTU C K